About Us

Orbnest Systems Limited is a solutions and services provider in the fields of Information and Communication Technology, Electronic Security & Safety Systems, Electrical and Mechanical Systems. We provide full and comprehensive consultancy and contracting services in the areas of engineering designs, supply, installations, operations, and management of:

Data Network Infrastructure, Communications and Management Software
Solar, Wind Energy and Electrical Systems
Commercial Air-Conditioning (HVAC) and Mechanical Systems
Electronic Security, Access Control, Safety & Automation Systems

We have a strong passion for solving engineering and technical problems using a unique blend of people, technology and expertise.

Driven by leaders with bold vision and a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the company has evolved into a strong diverse Engineering, Electronic Security and ICT organization with strong project management competencies and focus on best practices.

At Orbnest Systems customer satisfaction and consistent high quality are essential to our philosophy and we approach all of our projects in the same proven manner. Accordingly, each project is implemented based on industry standard conventions as well as a commitment to meet the client's exact requirements.

In our years of existence we have acquired technical expertise from world leaders in the manufacture of high quality electronic safety and security systems. This coupled with our strong support and maintenance culture has enabled us to establish very good relationships with our clients.

Our clients comprise of local and municipal authorities, government agencies and international organizations, including the oil and gas industry as well as commercial and industrial companies, entertainment, religious organizations, etc.

Orbnest Systems has offices in Lagos, Enugu, Port-Harcourt and Abuja.

Orbnest Systems is a company with a vision to bring the latest technology in these fields with sustainable service back-up in technical collaboration with world renowned solutions provider.

To render, at all times, such excellent services that will make our clients see us as the best technical company they ever did business with.

To be the first amongst the best technical project companies in Nigeria, through super service delivery.